Dresser makeover

So I've had this dresser that a friend of ours gave to us for over a year,and have been pondering what to do with it. It wasn't real wood but I loved the shape and it had character it just needed a little TLC. I have been seeing alot of shabby chic redo's in antique stores and loving it so I figured I'd give it a a try. It came with some really cool knobs but was missing one so I decided to take them all off and save them for another makeover:) I'd show you a before pic, but your's truly forgot to put the memorycard in the camera before I took the before pics .lol You have no idea how mad I am about that. It was a whitewashed partical board dresser.  Idecided to paint it pink and  paint the drawers with chalk paint so reagan can have some fun!!!

It was cute but I saw potential for so much more..........

Total cost of make over $44.00 That was for pink paint,chalkboard paint, and the adorable knobs I got at Aunt B's Antiques in Downtown Winder!!

So what do you think. Did I ruin it or is did I get it right? I am never more relaxed then when I'm painting so this was like therapy for me. I think I'm a gonna go hit up some yardsales this weekend to see if I can find me another Piece.

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