Sharing my faith!!!

Last night i got the amazing oppurtunity to hear grace Taylor (uga gymdog) share her testimony and it spoke to me to see her using what God had given her to share her faith, so God layed it on my heart for me to share mine with whoever chooses to read this today.

I'll start at Birth  I was born without the ability to suck. For three days doctors tried night and day to get me to suck and nothing worked they were about to put a feeding tube in me when my daddy( a southern baptist preacher) hit the floor and started praying and we all know how powerful prayer is well now that i'm a parent I understand the prayer from a parent is a mighty mighty prayer, anyways back to my dad on his knees. The Lord layed it on his heart to go get a goat bottle ( i know crazy right those nipples are huge ) well he got the bottle and filled it with formula stuck it down my thoat till i gagged a little then i went to town on that baby!!! Skip forward a few years to age 5. I was swimming in our pool and  got this really wierd feeling and ended up throwing up over the side of the pool , little did we know that this incident was the beginning of a long nightmare. After that incident I started having this problem to where my salavatory glands would overact for an hour and at the end of the hour I would throw up. this happened every other hour. We traveled all over the u.s I was poked proded looked at like a lab rat, taken out of school( obviously) and  pretty much lived in my room with a nintendo and  puke pan) when i wasnt on 1 and two week hiatuses in hospitals. By age 8 I barely weighed thirty pounds and was having to take trips to the hospital to get iv's of pure fat lipids . We made one last stich effort to get into a clinic to see a doctor in atlanta we'd heard great storied about. The only problem was he was strictly an adult doctor and had never made any acceptions to take kids, that was untill me, It turned out he was a christian and he said God told him to take my case. We tried a few meds with no result then he put me on a med called dialantin( i think i spelled that right) and it helped but didnt fix the problem so he decided to add tegretol and  it worked!!!! God had brought me through yet another hurdle in my young life. A couple weeks after we had found the cure!! I was laying in my bed next to my parents bed( i still slept in there for a few months just incase there was a  return seizure) anyways I was laying in bed  and what comes next you'd only understand if your raised in a small southern church that preaches hell brimstone and fire but I sware its what happened. I was laying in bed and started picturing devils and Hell on the back of the couch and I knew in my heart it was Jesus speaking to me. I felt him saying Now Tara I have rought you through so much in your little life already and you still dont trust in me. I ddint bring you through all this so you could spend eternity in hell. That was all I needed to hear I yelled for momma and daddy and they came running thinking I was having a seizure and instead they were met by i need Jesus help me Daddy So my momma and daddy knelt beside my bed and I prayed a prayer something like this " Lord I know I've done allota bad things in my life  and I want you to forgive me for that I believe you dided on the cross for me and your alive and in heaven today . your so amazing to have brought me through what you have please come into my heart and be my lord and savior" thats was it as simple as that I was a child of the king bound for heaven.....needless to say I don't live a perfect live ... I stumble and fall with the best of em', but I know my Lord and Savior is there by my side in the Good and the Bad and he loves me through and through

If someone today reads this as misspelled and unpunctuated as it is and  it touches their heart  know this GOd doesnt care what you've done,where you've been or how unworthy you think you are. He loves you and he wants you to accept him as your Lord and Savior so he can be with you in heaven.There is no sin to big for God to forgive!!!!!!   

 In christ,

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