The Journey of the vanity/Desk

Oh this Journey starts at a  lonely yardsale where I saw this piece all sad setting in the dampened grass all by its lonesome . It spoke to me with it' sad poutiness  and said please take me home!!

I agreed and took this old dainty lady home where she sat for a few weeks while I finished another piece.Finally not wanting her to think I had forgotten about her I got her out and dusted her off, and brainstormed for a while. I loved her curves and that as old as she was she still had a figure and wanted to make sure to accentuate that. I decided to do her silver. So I went to town painted her up silver and when done she was pretty, but thought that it was just a little to flashy for a lady of her class and stature soI got our the antiquing glase and hours and hours and I do mean hours later she became this

I love her curves  she's sexy if I do say so myslef

And I fancied up her insides a bit too :)

Whatcha think is this old lady purdy or what ?

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babyrndeb said...

too funny..I actually had that exact dresser growing up! Where in the heck did you find that?!?!
It looks lovely now by the way