Coffe table redo take 100!!!!

We'll atleast if feels that way. I canged my mind on what I wanted to do to this coffee table to many times to count.. Forthose of you..who think its perfect as is........ turn your heads cause its not staying this way

first I wanted to strip it and stain it black,Well once I got it stripped I loved the woodgrain and thought about  rubbing some teak oil and calling it a day, but finally I decided on black enamel paint.I know I ruined the beautiful grain but for the wear and tear it will get and  the look I wanted this is what I chose
I taped up the drawer and spray painted it a nickel color .It stuck out like a sore thumb so I brsushed some black paint on and wiped it off to dull it down........ and I spraypainted the hardware black to match.......
finished it with a coat of varnish just look at those details shine!!!! 
-$7.00 for table...9.00 for stain stripper.....$.99 for black spraypaint.....$4.00 for silver spray paint......already had black enamel paint......9.00 for polyurethane=29.99

and really the silver spray paint and polyurethane and black spray paint have been used on three projects since them so not to bad!!!!

Whatcha think ....?

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