A Hoot of a deal!!!

O.k the tittle is soooo cheesy I know,but it was a awesome deal I got this bad boy for $4.00 and it has a story it came out of the guys I bought it froms ,grandfathers 100 year old house that they we're about to tear down. O.k was that hard to follow? Anywho it came from a really really old house. its dated Im thinking 50's to 70's personally but it could be older.
Anywho I loved that it was owl's . Have you noticed owl stuff is coming back in.... Anywhooo( i know more cheesiness)I loved that it had three owl's for my small family of three and thought it was oober cute but not in it's current state...Warning warning the following words and pictures may horrify antique loves and metal artist around the world. You we're warned...........I spray painted it!!!!!! I know I know shame on me ,but now its so darn cute!! See!!!
I had the perfect place above the dresser.......notice the princess coloring on her dresser I think its a perfect match!!!!!

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