Things about Reagan I never won't to forget

As I'm sitting here in the sunroom looking out the window watching Reagan play on the backporch all these little things she does started to flood my memory and I wanted to write them down so I'll never forget.

At age 2 -she called strawberry shortcake -Fried Coop Cake
At age 3 - she called an octopus- popopuss
At age 3 - She was obssessed with Strawberry shortcake she still loves her to this day
At age 4 - She got her first swingset ( we'll technically it's 4 her 5th birthday but we're letting her have it early so she can play with it this summer)
At age 4- she got her first boyfriend- Jackson Van Nus
At age 4- We figured out how to treat her Reflux without medicine (juice plus was the cure)
At age 3,4- She called home depot- Hungry Hippo
At age 3,4- She loved Dora the explorer
At age 4- She tried ballet and hated it-boring
At age 4- She stayed with Mimi and Pops for 3 days and two night - the longest shes ever gone without both of us
At age 4 - she could talk the ears of a horse
At age 4- She started gettign a little of a attitude- i dont wanna. I'm not gonna,cry if i dont get my way

Everyday I have with My beautiful Princess is such a blessing from God. I strive everyday to tell her she's a Princess and How Beautiful and Smart and Talented she is , because this world seems to think differently about girls this day and age and tear down more then they lift up, but my child is a child of the king and that makes her a royal Princess. She may not act like a princess a 100% of the time but shes still my princess.

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