Crafty Idea's for a party or shower

So If anyone knows me well you should know I'm a very thrifty person. If it's not on sale and I don't have a coupon for that sale item I usually don't get it. That being said I threw my childhood B.F.F a baby shower. She had like 7 differen't showers, typicall baby decor etc, and I wanted mine to be unique, but I also wanted to buy things I could reuse for My daughters Birthday party and party's I throw in the future. I came up with a Sweet Treats Theme it was like a 50's candy shop. Here's some crafty ideas I used. The Family Dollar store was having a 50% off clearance on all there summer stripped cups bowls etc so I took full advantage. I bought several bowls and misc platters for like $2-3 a piece they had 3 packs of minature buckets in the same color schem for $1.99 and I used those for nuts dip etc.

I also Got 50 Invitations for Free from VistaPrint ,a Free Personalized T-shirt, Personalized Baby Magnet for there Car, and a Personalized Stamp with theirs and the baby's name on it for Christmas again all for free all I had to pay for was shipping.I went with the whole 50's postcard theme and they had this amazing candyshoppe background

I made a Candy Bar by covering a box with paper and placing various glass cups I got at the Dollar tree on it.I bought nostalgic candy in the color scheme of my party. Here's a money saving tip if you need candy of a certain color after easter its all on clearance and they have pink blue,yellow,green..etc

I bought some old record's and covered them with new labels I just cute a circle out of cardstock the same size as the label glued it on got some pill and stick letters and walla custom albums. The said things like "diaper duty blues" "Narcolepsy her I come" "Nates Gurlz" etc. I had one on each table as a centerpiece with a cup full of cotton candy. I also made washcloth lollipops as a centepeice for each cup!!

I made brownies,mini cupcakes,chocolate covered bacon, chips with homeade salsa,finder sandwich's, and my favorite chocolate covered marshmellows ( look like cupcakes)

So there's my party hope it's an inspiration for more crafty fun ideas!!

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