My obssession with Milk Glass

Thank's to my Amazing Mother-in-Law I was introduced into the world of milk glass. She has a huge collection I just oodle over. I love the fact that it's so reto yet modern in every way. I love all the lines curves and textures each piece has yet the clean look the milk glass gives it. So as you can see I'm a fan. We'll I've started my own collection, and wanted to share some of the amazing finds I've found.

The First Piece I found was at an antique store in Stone Mountain,Ga It;s not the thicker milkglass I'm madly in love with ,but I was excited it was only 2.99

I found my next piece in Lawrenceville Flea and Antique I paid 4.99 for it but I love the fact it's a waffle bowl Icecream dish so 50's Era

I found the next two at an Antique Mall in Rome,Ga it's Huge if you ever visit Rome this is my Favorite Antique Mall. I paid $4.99 for the large square one I think it was once used as a planter, but have used it as a cracker dish etc. I paid 2.99 for the small round pedestal one which i find very sleek and awesomely Modern.

Lastly but certainly not least I found two In Dalton when Me and My daughter went to stay a week with my parents. The first piece wa also the thinner milk glass but I got it for $1.00 so I couldn't pass it up. The Second Piece is a Treasure I love the lace around the Rim I found it at Providence Thrift store for $3.99

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Cecilia said...

It worked yea!!!

Becky the Sign Lady said...

I love milk glass. I only have a few pieces, and two of them look exactly like your last two photos.

I'm stopping by to let you know that you won the "Family Name" vinyl letters over on Writings on the Wall - the blog. Yay!
I need you to contact me and give me your address, color preference and of course your last name so I can send it to you.
Email me: