Mission Tour 09 with the PULSE

Let me start of by saying this was a much needed trip for me. I needed to get away and clear my head and if anything can clear your head its God. It was an aamazing trip and my eyes was definately opened to so many lifestyles and luxury's I take for granted. The first day we had a block party in the Projects. My heart broke to see 2 and 3 year olds wandering in the streets with no supervision no loving arms to guide and protect them. I don't know about you but If Reagan gets out of my sight for a second my mommy radar goes into full speed ahead till shes in my sight again. The second day we worked in a homeless shelter what an eye opener I got to talk to many amazing men that had the love of God but no wordly possessions to their name if they can be on fire for God with nothing how can I sit in my house with my possessions and do nothing.The third night was a block party and we went and handed out invited in the middle of the hood very scetchy very scary, but the turnout was worth it.The last night was at impact baptist and for some reason I felt the spirit of the Lord work more this night than anyother. We had 68 salvations and Allot of or youth had a fire set in their hearts for God that was amazing to see.After how badly my hearts been broken the last month or soo this trip healed it just a lil bit .I know it may never be healed completely but every step and everyday helps. I just want to praise God from the rooftops and know that he is moving in amazing ways and I want to be apart of it anyway possible

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