Toy Chest Redo

I took my pregnant friend antique shopping for a chest to use for the boy she's having. We searched and searched and finally found the one she loved. It was rustic and masculine
 As you can see  Whoever " refinished " this loves ugly red and puke yellow

Lucky for me  my friend see's the potential in furniture and items like I do. I sanded this piece for two hours!! I got no where, I didn't want to bring out the chemicals , but I had to so I went and bought 1 can of spray on stripper. I scrapped and scrapped and scrapped I got allot off , but not all of it. I got the sander back out and got the rest off. Then I went to home depot and grabbed a  can of stain from the clearance section. It was 4.88 verses 12.98 so I thought what the heck I didnt have any particular color I needed to match. I lucked out . I stained,sanded, stained again. Lastly I polyed it, especially the inside that will take all the wear and tear. Here is the finished project.

Ready for  the  baby shower!!
Now how to wrap it ..Hmm?

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