Ginormous Owl Redo

So I belong to a online yardsale group. I saw an owl pop up on it and my daughters room is done in owls so I said I wanted it! I got to church Sunday and it was waiting on me. It was huge !! I thought it was this little figurine, boy was I wrong! How ginormous it is aside, I saw potential.
Does it look large to you from that picture?Oh, well that's the before
I  bought a 4.00 can of light pink spray paint and gave it a good two coats. Then I mixed some pink brown and red acrylic  paint together till I got a color I liked . I painted it on that rubbed it off with a towel so it would highlight all the fine details of this huge owl :) This is the fin ished product
I'm still not sure if it's to big for her dresser . What do you think ?

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