Toddler bed turned into chair and ottoman redo:)

(I think my dog and reagan were ripping something up in the corner as I was photographing this that shred wasnt there before I started taking pics )
Wow this project was so much more simple and cheaper in my head:) That being said I love the finished project and think the our Princess loves it equally so!! It all started when I was cleaning out our daughters playroom and rearanging toys .She has a whole corner devoted purely to a pretend house  (that's my mom playing house with her it was the only pic I could find of my bed in one piece ,sorry mom)
So I was looking at the bed and saw how much space it took up and the fact that she rarely ever played with it unless we have company. I'm a little sentimental  about getting rid of it because its her baby mattress and her toddler bed and well there's memories.I got rid of almost all her baby stuff recently and this I just couldnt let go of. So I saw potential and thought it might make a really cool chair slash footstool.I knew the perfect place for it.We reused almost every piece of it..Including the mattress .So needless to say this was a very interesting project.

First thing first, we took it apart. I knew I wanted the chair to end at the arm rails and I had a good idea on how big I wanted the footstool to be .

Notice two things I didn't get too detailed pictures of while making this see the footboard on the left laying on the floor right after taking this picture we cut the top of the footboard completely off just leaving the two legs and the rail that connects them (to make this the front of the chair) and notice the side rails .We chopped them off at the arm and then we took a piece that would leave atleast two support slats and chooped it down to size to be the sides of our ottoman.I know I should have taken pictures but we were working late at night after my hubby got home from work so my brain didnt even think about it.Here's all the pieces to the chair layed out the top piece is the footboard we cut down to size.
We put the chair back together just like it was originally except the front piece( the footboard that had been cut down.

Then we screwed the footboard into the front of the chair.I keep saying we, but really all the screwing and cutting was done by my amazing hubby. While we has screwing and cuttting , I decided to rip the matteress open and see what I could findlots of batting and springs. Once we got the bed together I measured from the back of the chair to the front of the chair and started snipping the springs with wire cutters( it hung over just a tinch but that will be fine )
there is the chair and the spring cut down to size.Wheew ,what a relief it worked! S far so good I spent 40.00 at home depot on some nails wood putty etc. 
Next I puttied the wholes to make for a smooth painting job
while I waited overnight for the putty to dry My hubby tackled the ottoman we had two slates for middle support and two sides cut down from the side rails.He cut a 1x4 pine board down to the size of the front and back.We also bout a thick post for the legs and cut them so they are the same size as the chair legs.

I painted just the legs because the rest is going to be covered with material. I also cut the rest of the springs for the mattress down to fit inside the ottoman its a little smaller but we have plenty of batting left over to make it nice and puffy.

I applied to coats of rustoleum  flatback to the chair and let it dry
 Now for the cushions.For that I needed my amazing mother-in-laws help. I'm clueless at a sewing machine.
We gathered up the batting and surrounded the cusion adding a little extra to the front where her knee will bend. Then we wrapped it in a t-shirt material scrap she had and she sewed her up
we layed the fabric I had found at joannes (30.00 total ) to get an idea, We wanted to make it a slipcover so I could take it off and wash it .

then she sewed it up and made it so that it had velcro closures so that I could wash it
add a couple pillows and  perfection....The heart pillow I got last year after valentines clearance :)Now for the ottoman cover, I was told it was a labor of love ( I dont sew but my dear mother in law does). Its removal so I can wash it also
Like my daughter and dog crouched in the corner :) Put it all together and you have one oober happy princess and one very relieved mommy and mimi that this project is over:)
I hope you liked my project!!!!!! I know my princess does!!!!!

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