Almond Breeze !!!!!

O.k so it seems like forever since I've posted on my blog, and I'm ubber excited I remebered my password haha.....

I want to start of my telling you about a product I absolutely adore!!!! It's called Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. My daughter has a mild lactose soy protein intolerence. Meaning if she drink soymilk,rice milk,goat milk, or regular milk she gets severe diarriah and stomach cramps (nofun at all) I had been giving her calcium infused vitamins but didn't feel it was doing the job, plus she has refluz esophogitis,chronic gastritis,and acid reflux so no juices either. Who wants water or flavored water for breakfast,not me. When I saw this at walmart in the dairy section I said ehh I'll give it a try. I bought it and we loved it instantly. Its made from all natural products and it comes in plain,vanilla,and chocolate(our favorites vanilla). It honestly taste like a milkshake. So if anyone out there is having the same problems we are please try this product it makes all the difference in the world and is very healthy and yummy!!

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